Window screen,  Monica Broere (screen painter) and Hispanic dance troupe.
Window screen, Monica Broere (screen painter) and Hispanic dance troupe.

At the 5th annual festival, I was exposed to Kwame Brew, a master West African Drummer, in Anne Arundel County. The art and skill of crab picking from Somerset County, the New Baltimore Hand Dance Association of Baltimore. A hearty welcome to Korean Drumming by Sabatian Wang, Montgomery County, and a group I never heard of THE SHERMAN HOLMES PROJECT, who received in 2014, the award, National Heritage Fellowship (Blues/Gospel/Soul).

No ethic group was left out: the Hispanics, East Indians, Orientals, the traditional European groups, all made appearances.

Attention was paid to the new and upcoming artists, the “kids”, the face painters, the budding griots, duck craftsmen, screen print makers, and pigeon flying trainers.

Food and dancing experts were not left out, only you, if you were not there.

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