Lord Baltimore Revisited

LORD BALTIMORE REVISTED ┬áIn 1928, the Lord Baltimore Hotel was built, and for the most part it was a segregated hotel, until the late 1950’s. This hotel has gone through several owners: closed in 1982, renovated and reopened in 1985, bankruptcy 1987, was part of the Radisson group in the 1980’s; sold again, then reopenedContinue reading “Lord Baltimore Revisited”


https://theculturepage.com/2015/07/13/maryland-recognizes-its-masters-of-arts At the 5th annual festival, I was exposed to Kwame Brew, a master West African Drummer, in Anne Arundel County. The art and skill of crab picking from Somerset County, the New Baltimore Hand Dance Association of Baltimore. A hearty welcome to Korean Drumming by Sabatian Wang, Montgomery County, and a group I neverContinue reading “MARYLAND RECOGNIZES ITS MASTERS OF ARTS”